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flossing teeth

Is There Really NO Good Evidence for Flossing Your Teeth?

A few weeks ago the Internet and news media all over the US began reporting that there was “weak amount of evidence” supporting the idea that flossing teeth helped to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Almost all of these news reports, cialis buy by organizations and journalists who you would think would understand the […]

Gingivalis Bacteria Linked to Coronary Inflammation

Scientific Study Links P. Gingivalis With Coronary Inflammation

P. Gingivalis – the oral pathogen responsible for periodontal disease – has now been shown to cause coronary inflammation. A recent study by researchers at Örebro University, tadalafil Sweden, generic viagra used gene-expression analysis to demonstrate a direct link between periodontal pathogens and coronary inflammation. Their research is the first to show a direct causal […]


Dr. Kim Kutsch Discusses CariFree Which PREVENTS Tooth Decay – IT WORKS!!!

CariFree works!!! It works extremely well at preventing tooth decay – even when nothing else seems to work! Dental caries (tooth decay) is an epidemic, cialis sale and it is increasing in all age groups. It is a biofilm disease with multiple bacterial pathogens and it results from long periods of low pH in the […]


Dr. Uche Odiatu on Physical Fitness for Dentists

Dr Uche Odiatu is a Canadian dentist who educates the profession on the importance of physical fitness and strong health as a dentist. This is important not only to you, buy viagra but to your patients, viagra sale and to the longevity of your career and to those who count on you. Running Time: 07 […]


Dr. Garth Ehrlich, Expert in Chronic Bacterial Pathogenesis Discusses Oral Pathogens

Dr. Garth Ehrlich, buy cialis expert researcher on chronic bacterial pathogenesis from Drexel University discusses that some of the most important research he is doing right now is establishing a link between periodontal bacteria and infections of the joints – whether they be peri-prosthetic joint infections, generic cialis which means if you have an artificial […]


Dr. James Winde, MD, on Sleep Disordered Breathing and the Dental Practice

Dr. James Winde, MD, talks with Dr. Mike Milligan about sleep disordered breathing – the systemic problems that result, the prevalence, the available treatment modalities and comparative effectiveness, government regulations and the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” screening for sleep apnea, monitoring effectiveness of therapy, and working with physicians for the overall health of […]


Bale/Doneen on the Critical Importance of Oral Health to Cardiac Health

Running Time: 16 min. 30 sec. Physician Dr. Bradley Bale, buy viagra a keynote speaker at the conference, co-developed the Bale/Doneen Method for treating arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. He talks about this approach and how important the field of dentistry is to its successful treatment. For More Information Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center Website: www.BaleDoneen.com […]

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