Why a Dentist Should Join the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

Presidents of the past, viagra buy present, cialis generic and future, as well as some of the biggest leaders in dentistry, talk about the benefits of membership in the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Rob Rogers was the founding President of the AADSM. He and his wife Mary Beth Rogers talk about how they’ve seen the academy grow and prosper over the years, while remaining true to its original vision.

Running Time: 1 min. 54 sec.


Dr. Gail Demko is the current President of the AADSM. She sits down with OralSystemicLink.net to discuss how the Academy is different from other groups which address dental sleep medicine, and why the AADSM is uniquely effective in meeting the needs of many dentists in their dental sleep practices.

Running Time: 3 min. 38 sec.


Dr. Steve Carstensen is the President-elect of the AADSM. He shares some of the reasons he believes that becoming a member of the AADSM can be helpful for a dentist.

Running Time: 1 min. 21 sec.


Dr. Kent Smith, a dentist who has been involved in Dental Sleep Medicine for many years, is a long time member of the AADSM. He says why he thinks it’s a good idea for many dentists to become members as well.

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Dr. Allen Moses, the inventor of the The Moses dental appliance, talks about the AADSM and the benefits he has received as a member for many years.

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Dr. Alan Lowe D.M.D is on the faculty of the University of British Columbia. He is also a long time member of the AADSM. Here, he tells us why.

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