Roger Price on a Whole Body Approach to Dentistry

Roger Price, viagra canada respiratory physiologist, spoke to on the advantages of integrative dentistry for your patients.

Running Time: 1 min. 36 secs


In this interview, Roger Price discusses some of the ideas that he has developed over many years, including the concept of integrative dentistry and a whole body approach to your patients.

Running Time: 6 min. 54 secs


Roger Price gave a 1.5 hour presentation to a group of dentists in Chicago who were taking a course on Sleep Apnea. His insights on allergies and the body’s response to various stimuli are very helpful in applying the oral systemic link to your practice.

Roger Price Presentation – Part 1

Running Time: 43 min. 18 secs

Roger Price Presentation – Part 2

Running Time: 44 min. 05 secs

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