Dr. Dave Singh Discusses the DNA Appliance

Dr. Dave Singh, cialis sale developer and inventor of the DNA Appliance, talks to us about Epigenetic Orthodontics, a new way to achieve natural jaw development and airway remodeling through craniofacial enhancement.

This new technique has wide-ranging and thoroughly non-invasive applications in the treatment of sleep apnea, cosmetic dentistry, tooth-grinding and headaches, and crooked teeth related to narrow jaws and improper jaw position.

Here is our interview with the inventor of the DNA Appliance, Dr. David Singh.

Running Time: 10 min. 28 secs


This is a patient Testimonial for the DNA Appliance.

Running Time: 06 min. 09 secs


Here’s a case study about what the DNA Appliance can do for a “gummy smile”

Running Time: 2 min. 00 secs


Another success with a “gummy smile”

Running Time: 03 min. 45 secs


And here’s what the DNA Appliance can do for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Running Time: 02 min. 45 secs

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