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Arteriology Course for Dentists

Arteriology: Vascular Inflammation – The Oral/Systemic Connection

Amy Doneen, MSN, ARNP & Dr. Bradley Bale, MD, and Dr. Tom Nabors created the Arteriology Course to bring physicians and dentists together and to teach them about the vital role they can play in the early diagnosis and treatment of heart attacks and strokes – the main killers in 1st world populations around the […]


Online Training to Deliver The Moses Sleep Apnea Appliance

Dr Mike Milligan and Dr Allen Moses discuss the Moses Dental Appliance for Sleep Apnea Running Time: 5 min. 45sec. The Moses Sleep Apnea Appliance is one of the most advanced dental sleep apnea treatments you can deliver to your patients. Dr. Allen Moses teaches dentists from all over the world about the treatment of […]


The Henry Schein Sleep Complete System

Henry Schein Sleep Complete System is the complete package you need to provide sleep apnea services in your dental practice. Dr. John Tucker, cialis sales the keynote speaker on Sleep Apnea at the Henry Schein Sleep Complete meeting at the PGA National resort in West Palm Beach, FL, speaks with us. For More Information Henry […]


Why a Dentist Should Join the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

Presidents of the past, viagra buy present, cialis generic and future, as well as some of the biggest leaders in dentistry, talk about the benefits of membership in the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Rob Rogers was the founding President of the AADSM. He and his wife Mary Beth Rogers talk about how […]


Dr. Brady Frank Talks About His Implant Training for Dentists

Dr. Brady Frank talked to us about the important oral-systemic considerations in general dentistry with regard to implants. He discusses 6 implant procedures: 1) The No Drill Implant Procedure using the FDA approved OsteoConverter™ developed by Dr. Frank; 2) The OsteoHybrid Procedure – a hybrid between mini implants and conventional implants so you have the […]

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