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Dr. Tony Soileau Talks About Sleep Apnea Treatments for Your Practice

Running Time: 13 min. 06 sec. Dr. Tony Soileau speaks with Dr. Mike Milligan about the fundamentals of sleep apnea treatment, viagra sales and their alternatives for the dental patients in your area. For More Information Contact: Tony Soileau Smiles by Soileau Email: Website: Phone: (337) 234-3551


SomnoDent Oral Appliance – An Alternative to C-PAP for Sleep Apnea Patients

Running Time: 9 min. 48 sec. The SomnoDent MAS Oral Appliance can be used for your patients with mild or moderately obstructive sleep apnea as an alternative to CPAP therapy. Joel Blitz from SomnoMed discusses how dentists can significantly help these patients, viagra sales the comprehensive kit and training they provide, cialis canada and the […]


TAP Provides High Quality Therapy for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Running Time: 9 min. 39 sec. sat down with Dr. Keith Thornton, discount viagra the inventor of the TAP sleep apnea device – the most prescribed sleep apnea treatment in dentistry – and spoke to him about the ease of use of this extremely helpful approach to treating your patient’s sleep apnea.


The Itamar Medical WatchPAT Home Sleep Apnea Test Device

Running Time: 6 min. 04 sec. Brian Sutherland of Itamar Medical talks to about the WatchPAT Home Sleep Apnea Test Device. For More Information: Itamar Medical, tadalafil Ltd Website: Phone: (888) 748-2627


Home Sleep Delivered Provides In-Your-Own-Bed Sleep Tests for Sleep Apnea

Running Time: 7 min. 52 sec. Home Sleep Delivered offers an alternative way to help diagnose Sleep Apnea for dental patients in your practice. interviews Ryan Sullivan to find out more. For More Information Home Sleep Delivered phone: (877) 270-7587 Web:

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