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role of oral bacteria in respiratory infection

Journal of Periodontology: Role of Oral Bacteria in Respiratory Infection

“An association between oral conditions such as periodontal disease and several respiratory conditions has been noted. For example, viagra generic recent evidence has suggested a central role for the oral cavity in the process of respiratory infection. Oral periodontopathic bacteria can be aspirated into the lung to cause aspiration pneumonia. The teeth may also serve […]

perio and respiratory disease

Periodontal Disease and Respiratory Disease: a Systematic Review of the Evidence” by Brooke Agado and Denise Bowen

“ABSTRACT Objective: The purpose of this systematic review (SR) was to answer the focused research question: Is there an association between periodontal disease and pneumonia or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)? Method: Databases and keywords searched included: Medline, best viagra PubMed, and the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews on combinations of lung disease, obstructive pneumonia, […]

oral diseases

Oral Biofilms, Periodontitis, and Pulmonary Infections

Abstract Bacteria from the oral biofilms may be aspirated into the respiratory tract to influence the initiation and progression of systemic infectious conditions such as pneumonia. Oral bacteria, buy cialis poor oral hygiene, buy viagra and periodontitis seem to influence the incidence of pulmonary infections, especially nosocomial pneumonia episodes in high-risk subjects. Improved oral hygiene […]

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