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Mouth Bacteria Can Worsen Colorectal Cancer – Cancer Network

From a paper published in Cell Host and Microbe, viagra canada  a series of laboratory findings showed that fusobacteria, commonly found in the mouth, travels through the bloodstream and enriches colorectal cancer cells, a process mediated by the Fap2 protein’s ability to recognize a sugar called Gal-GalNAc. In the future, either Fap2 or Gal-GalNAc could […]

flossing teeth

Is There Really NO Good Evidence for Flossing Your Teeth?

Researchers have uncovered an un-expected link between day time mouth breathing and heart/lung problems. They found that daytime mouth breathing is a prime predictor of pulmonary hypertension. See article at PubMed A few weeks ago the Internet and news media all over the US began reporting that there was “weak amount of evidence” supporting the […]

Gingivalis Bacteria Linked to Coronary Inflammation

Scientific Study Links P. Gingivalis With Coronary Inflammation

This roundtable discussion includes questions from the dentists and physicians in the audience about day-to-day implementation issues arising from this new relationship between dentistry and medicine. This roundtable discussion includes questions from the dentists and physicians in the audience about day-to-day implementation issues arising from this new relationship between dentistry and medicine. Dr. Mike Milligan […]

UoG Periodontitis and Heart Attacks

Severity of Chronic Periodontitis Directly Related to Severity of Heart Attacks

Authors: Sophie Poole1, best viagra no rx Sim K. Singhrao1, viagra generic seek Sasanka Chukkapalli2, Mercedes Rivera2, Irina Velsko2, Lakshmyya Kesavalu2, 3, StJohn Crean1 1Oral & Dental Sciences Research Group, School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK 2Department of Periodontology, College of Dentistry, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA 3Department of […]


Dr. Tom Nabors on Laboratory Testing for Oral Bacteria in the Dental Office

Oral bacteria cause gum disease, tooth decay, and all kinds of problems in the mouth, which can cause problems in other parts of the body. Dr. Tom Nabors, the Founder of OralDNA, speaks to during an AAOSH meeting at the Cleveland Clinic, ranked by U.S. News and World Report in the top 4 hospitals […]

Researchers Find Association Between Oral Pathogens and Gastric Precancerous Lesions

Published in the Journal of PLoS One Abstract: “We examined whether colonization of selected oral pathogens is associated with gastric precancerous lesions in a cross-sectional study. A total of 119 participants were included, discount viagra of which 37 were cases of chronic atrophic gastritis, intestinal metaplasia, or dysplasia. An oral examination was performed to […]


MouthWatchers Toothbrush – Nano-Silver Bristles Stay 99.7% Germ Free

Dr. Ron Plotka, viagra canada practicing dentist and developer of the revolutionary new MouthWatchers manual and power toothbrushes explains the benefits of their nano-silver bristles for unsurpassed anti-bacterial action. Within 6 hours of use, viagra sales 99.7% of all microbes are destroyed, giving you a clean brush every time you use it! And the outer […]


Dr. Duane Keller of Perio Protect Talks to Your Patients About Oral Systemic Health

Dr. Duane Keller, the founder of PerioProtect, tells your patients the importance of treating their gum disease to help prevent many systemic illnesses, and how the Perio Protect method very effectively controls the disease-causing bacteria at the source. Perio Protect therapy follows the American Medical Association guidelines and the American Association of Wound Care guidelines.


Dr. Duane Keller Discusses PerioProtect With

Dr. Duane Keller, cialis sales inventor of PerioProtect, talks about his innovative treatment to free up the immune response of the body to fight periodontal disease. Running Time: 7 min. 11 sec. For More Information PerioProtect Dr. Duane Keller Website: Phone: (314) 638-4190


Dr. Rod Kurthy Discusses Marketing Dentistry, Use of Diode Lasers, and Perio Protocol

Running Time: 8 min. 10 sec. Dr. Rod Kurthy discusses the importance and how-to of marketing your dentistry, viagra buy the use of diode lasers, discount cialis perio protocol, and resources for you to learn more. For More Information Contact: Dr. Rod Kurthy Evolve Dental Technologies Websites: Phone: (866) 763-7753


Understanding Chronic Inflammatory Autoimmune Diseases

Dr. William Nordquist presents a talk on chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases. The diseases are thought to be caused from normal oral bacteria that has gotten out of balance. When spirochetes get to a large percentage of the oral bacterial flora, viagra usa they cause periodontal disease and bone loss. The bone loss finding of periodontal […]

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