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Bale Doneen Method Clinically Proven to Shrink Arterial Plaque

The Bale Doneen Method has proven to shrink arterial plaque deposits and stabilize cardio-vascular disease. “Together with scientists from Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for Prevention of Heart Disease, sildenafil we studied 324 patients at the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center in Spokane, viagra Washington, all of whom received comprehensive cardiovascular risk reduction treatments that […]

UoG Periodontitis and Heart Attacks

Severity of Chronic Periodontitis Directly Related to Severity of Heart Attacks

“Researchers at the University of Granada prove that the extent and severity of chronic periodontitis is directly related to the severity of myocardial infarction This research, viagra sale published in the Journal of Dental Research, cialis buy surveyed 112 patients who had suffered from an acute case of myocardial infarction. These patients underwent a series […]


Dr. Tom Nabors on Laboratory Testing for Oral Bacteria in the Dental Office

Oral bacteria cause gum disease, tooth decay, and all kinds of problems in the mouth, which can cause problems in other parts of the body. Dr. Tom Nabors, the Founder of OralDNA, speaks to during an AAOSH meeting at the Cleveland Clinic, ranked by U.S. News and World Report in the top 4 hospitals […]


Bale/Doneen on the Critical Importance of Oral Health to Cardiac Health

Running Time: 16 min. 30 sec. Physician Dr. Bradley Bale, buy viagra a keynote speaker at the conference, co-developed the Bale/Doneen Method for treating arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. He talks about this approach and how important the field of dentistry is to its successful treatment. For More Information Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center Website: […]


Understanding Chronic Inflammatory Autoimmune Diseases

Dr. William Nordquist presents a talk on chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases. The diseases are thought to be caused from normal oral bacteria that has gotten out of balance. When spirochetes get to a large percentage of the oral bacterial flora, viagra usa they cause periodontal disease and bone loss. The bone loss finding of periodontal […]

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