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Joy Moeller Discusses Orofacial Myology and Your Dental Practice

Joy Moeller, Certified Orofacial Myologist talks about the use of exercises for the proper positioning of the tongue, jaw and neck to address problems of proper breathing, facial structure and function, orthodontics, sleep apnea, and many other related health concerns.

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Dr. Dave Singh Discusses the DNA Appliance

Dr. Dave Singh, cialis sale developer and inventor of the DNA Appliance, talks to us about Epigenetic Orthodontics, a new way to achieve natural jaw development and airway remodeling through craniofacial enhancement. This new technique has wide-ranging and thoroughly non-invasive applications in the treatment of sleep apnea, cosmetic dentistry, tooth-grinding and headaches, and crooked teeth […]


Dr. Dewitt Wilkerson, Director of Dental Medicine at the Dawson Academy

Steve Anderson discusses the mindset and communication skills needed by the dentist and team to move patients from the age old “I just want a cleaning” or “just do what my insurance covers” to wanting the appropriate dental therapy for whole body health. Running Time: 06 min. 25 secs. For More Information 877-399-8677 Steve […]


Tekscan – Get a Complete Digital Reading of Occlusion

Damien O’Brien of Myofunctional Research Company (MRC) spoke with about new trends in myofunctional orthodontic therapy. MRC manufactures myofunctional appliances and teaches techniques to correct not only bite, viagra buy but to correct and train children in proper breathing so as to avoid future breathing disorders, such as sleep apnea. Their product, MyoBraces, can […]


TruDenta: Treat Symptoms of Force Imbalance

Dr. Mark Montgomery talks to us about TruDenta, generic viagra a service for your dental practice containing protocols and systems which help you to treat migraine, chronic headaches, tinnitus, and other symptoms related to force imbalances in the mouth. Be sure to make a comment in the box below and let us know what you […]

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