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Is There Really NO Good Evidence for Flossing Your Teeth?

A few weeks ago the Internet and news media all over the US began reporting that there was “weak amount of evidence” supporting the idea that flossing teeth helped to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Almost all of these news reports, cialis buy by organizations and journalists who you would think would understand the […]


Dr. Kim Kutsch Discusses CariFree Which PREVENTS Tooth Decay – IT WORKS!!!

CariFree works!!! It works extremely well at preventing tooth decay – even when nothing else seems to work! Dental caries (tooth decay) is an epidemic, cialis sale and it is increasing in all age groups. It is a biofilm disease with multiple bacterial pathogens and it results from long periods of low pH in the […]

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Dr. Lon Jones Explains How Xylitol Works to Reduce Bacteria Which Cause Cavities

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that creates an environment in which bacteria that cause cavities and periodontal disease can’t adhere, viagra buy so are washed away. Using about 1 gram or less of Xylitol at least five times per day greatly reduces cavities and periodontal disease. Dr. Lon Jones explains how. Running Time: 06 min. […]


MouthWatchers Toothbrush – Nano-Silver Bristles Stay 99.7% Germ Free

Dr. Ron Plotka, viagra canada practicing dentist and developer of the revolutionary new MouthWatchers manual and power toothbrushes explains the benefits of their nano-silver bristles for unsurpassed anti-bacterial action. Within 6 hours of use, viagra sales 99.7% of all microbes are destroyed, giving you a clean brush every time you use it! And the outer […]


Carifree Helps Patients Become Cavity-Free for Life

Carifree offers a testing kit, viagra generic along with a three month treatment that seeks to achieve a comprehensive arrest of decay on all available surfaces of the tooth. Their 2-part system tests for the presence of high acid-producing bacteria which causes decay, best cialis and provides a 3 month treatment to achieve a healthy […]


Xylitol Products Help Reduce Dental Decay

Lisa Stillman, discount viagra RDH, viagra talks to us about the benefits of Xylitol. Be sure to make a comment in the box below and let us know what you think of Xylitol!! For More Information Xlear phone: 877-599-5327 Website for Doctors:

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