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Mouth Bacteria Can Worsen Colorectal Cancer – Cancer Network

From a paper published in Cell Host and Microbe, viagra canada  a series of laboratory findings showed that fusobacteria, commonly found in the mouth, travels through the bloodstream and enriches colorectal cancer cells, a process mediated by the Fap2 protein’s ability to recognize a sugar called Gal-GalNAc. In the future, either Fap2 or Gal-GalNAc could […]

Dr Dennis Abbott

Dental Oncologist Dr Dennis Abbott

Dr. Abbott talks about the field of dental oncology and some of the therapies you should know about as a dentist working with patients who have cancer, as well as the special needs of dental patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer.

PD treatment reduces cancer risk

Periodontal disease with treatment reduces subsequent cancer risks

Brian Denove is a patient who has gotten great results with the DNA Appliance. Running Time: 06 min. 09 secs Brian Denove is a patient who has gotten great results with the DNA Appliance. Running Time: 06 min. 09 secs Abstract AIM: The aim of our study was to evaluate the relationship between routine treatment […]

Oral Health and HPV

Examining the Association between Oral Health and Oral HPV Infection

Abstract Oral human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is the cause of 40% to 80% of oropharyngeal cancers; yet, generic viagra no published study has examined the role of oral health in oral HPV infection, cialis generic either independently or in conjunction with other risk factors. This study examined the relation between oral health and oral HPV […]

oral bacteria and colorectal cancer

Oral Bacteria and Colorectal Cancer by Dr. Yiping Han Background Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second leading cause of cancer death in men and women combined in the U.S., discount viagra affecting one in every 20 individuals (1). Although it is considered a “Western” disease, the incidence is increasing worldwide. CRC has long been recognized as genetic disease, and follows an “adenoma-carcinoma” model […]

Researchers Find Association Between Oral Pathogens and Gastric Precancerous Lesions

Published in the Journal of PLoS One Abstract: “We examined whether colonization of selected oral pathogens is associated with gastric precancerous lesions in a cross-sectional study. A total of 119 participants were included, discount viagra of which 37 were cases of chronic atrophic gastritis, intestinal metaplasia, or dysplasia. An oral examination was performed to […]

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